Jeneah D. Wilkerson

High School: 

Jeneah Wilkerson is a dynamic student whom has exemplified what it mean to display the LEWIS way at Reginald F. Lewis School of Business and Law and in her community at large. Jeneah is always a student that can be counted on to come in early to school, attend school events on the weekends and stay late to assist in any way necessary. Not only is she well respected by staff, her peers also respect and follow her lead. Jeneah is a member of the #TRENDSETTER club at Reginald F. Lewis school of Business and Law. Her involvement in other high school enrichment activities has included cheerleading, drama club, pottery and sculpture and student government. She takes full advantage of all of the different opportunities that are provided throughout the school and does them all with grace, and a huge smile. Jeneah is loyal, engaged, takes initiative, willing and scholarly all of which make her our students of the week.