Evaluate Scholarship Applications 
Scholarship readers evaluate scholarship applications submitted for CollegeBound’s scholarship portfolio valued at close to $3 million.  CollegeBound receives hundreds of applications each spring for scholarships based on criteria including academic merit, community service, and resilience.
Time commitment: first-time volunteers attend a two-hour training session in February. Essay review and scoring is online.  Requires 15-20 hours between March 9th and April 13th to review and score submissions.  To get started as a scholarship reader, please sign up here.
To volunteer, contact Adriana Rosas at (410) 783-2905 x211 or arosas@collegeboundfoundation.org


College Completion Mentoring Program
The College Completion program connects current College Completion Scholars with mentors from the Baltimore professional community and surrounding areas. The program aims to build one-to-one mentoring relationships that will empower, encourage, and transform College Completion Scholars in order to support their transition to college, increase their level of motivation to earn a college degree in a timely manner, and become productive citizens.
Time commitment: The program is seeking mentors for 2018-2019 academic year.
To volunteer, If you are interested in becoming a College Completion Mentor, please sign-up here to attend one of the mentor interest meetings.


Be a CollegeBound Urban Scholar Program or College Completion Program Mentor
Each year, up to 10 of Baltimore City’s most promising City Schools seniors are chosen as CollegeBound Urban Scholars. Scholars receive a life-changing series of workshops, mentor partnerships, and scholarships up to $10,000 delivered annually throughout all four years of college.  The College Completion Program is a new CollegeBound offering for Last Dollar Grant recipients during their college years. Mentors play a vital role in both programs, helping scholars understand the value of a college education and offering professional guidance.
Time commitment: one year minimum. Mentors meet one-on-one during the college breaks and touch base during the school year through emails and phone calls.
To volunteer for the College Completion Program, contact Charlene Stewart at  (410) 783-2905 x201 or cstewart@collegeboundfoundation.org
To volunteer for the Urban Scholars Program, contact Lori Subotich at (410) 783-2905 x208 or lsubotich@collegeboundfoundation.org