Last Dollar Grants

Proven, Need-Based Funding

CollegeBound Last Dollar Grant recipients graduate from 4-year colleges at 2.5 times the college completion rate of students from similar socioeconomic backgrounds.

CollegeBound Last Dollar Grants--providing up to $3,000 annually for up to 6 years--bridge the gap between a financial aid package and what a student can afford. In addition to college advising and competitive scholarships, Last Dollar Grants are a core component of the CollegeBound program. Since 1988, CollegeBound has awarded more than $6 million in Last Dollar Grants to over 1,880 students. In many cases, Last Dollar Grants literally provide the last dollars a student needs to pay for college. Each grantee is elegible for up to six years of CollegeBound assistance. 

Application deadline is June 1st, 2018.