Q: What is the CollegeBound Foundation and what do they do? 

A: CollegeBound is a community-serving, nonprofit program that has school-based College Access Program Specialists (CAPS) working directly with Baltimore City public school students to facilitate the college admission process. Additionally, CollegeBound awards merit and need-based scholarships and grants each year from a portfolio valued at almost $3 million. To learn more about our history, click on About Us. 

Q: Does the CollegeBound Foundation only serve Baltimore City Public School students? 

A: CollegeBound’s site-based college advising program is limited to students attending Baltimore City public schools.  CollegeBound does offer community-based workshops that are open to any student in the Greater Baltimore Area as well as a limited number of merit scholarships that are open to students attending public schools in Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Carroll, and Howard counties. 

Q: How can my student take advantage of CollegeBound services? 

A: Any student (or parent) can walk-in or make an appointment to see a CAPS at a CollegeBound-staffed high school.  Additionally, students may participate in site-based college fairs, college tours or workshops offered in their high school. To see whether CollegeBound is in your school, click on our Map. 

Q: Does CollegeBound offer volunteer opportunities? 

A: Yes! CollegeBound welcomes scholarship application readers, student essay editors, and event staff as volunteers.  To get involved, click on our Volunteer Opportunities

Q: Does CollegeBound offer internships? 

A: CollegeBound does not offer internships, but compiles an Internship Guide of great opportunities for high school and college students.  Please contact your College Access Program Specialist or call 410-783-2905 for more details. 

Q: How can I contribute to CollegeBound financially? 

A: CollegeBound relies on contributions from corporations, foundations, and individuals.  Corporate partnerships, matching gifts, gifts of stocks, and donations are welcome.  You can donate now or contact our Development Director Lauren Comber at lcomber@collegeboundfoundation.org. 

Q: Does CollegeBound only offer services to high school students? 

A: The primary focus of CollegeBound’s college access programming targets high school students.  However, CollegeBound also sponsors an art, essay and poetry contest for Baltimore City public school students in grades K-8. 

Q: Can my child participate in the College Awareness Month contest? 

A: Any child enrolled in a Baltimore City public high school is encouraged to participate in CollegeBound's annual College Awareness Month featuring an art, essay and poetry contest.  For more information, please contact info@collegeboundfoundation.org.

Q: Does CollegeBound offer scholarships for graduate students? 

A: Unfortunately, CollegeBound’s grants and scholarships are limited to undergraduate students.  For more information on our undergraduate scholarships, click here. 

Q: Does CollegeBound offer any services for students already in college? 

A: CollegeBound relaunched its retention project which is now known as the College Completion Program.  CollegeBound recognized that Baltimore City public high school students need more support as they head off to college.  The College Completion Program aims to provide guidance and support that will assist students over hurdles, around roadblocks, and across the finish line.  With the collaboration of our partnering colleges/universities and professional community mentors, the program turns it focus to our F.A.C.S.  Model which allows us to rectify Financial, Academic, Career and Social/personal barriers that may otherwise cause a student to drop out.  Additionally, as a college student, you can get information and advice from our Scholar Talk Newsletters.