College Completion Program

CollegeBound relaunched its retention project which is now known as the College Completion Program.  CollegeBound recognized that Baltimore City public high school students need more support as they head off to college. The College Completion Program aims to provide guidance and support that will assist students over hurdles, around roadblocks, and across the finish line. With the collaboration of our partnering colleges/universities and professional community mentors, the program turns it focus to our F.A.C.S Model which allows us to rectify Financial, Academic, Career and Social/personal barriers that may otherwise cause a student to drop out.

In order to participate in the College Completion Program, students must be a recipient of the Last Dollar grant and attend one of the partnering colleges/universities.

The program consists of seven-components:

  1. Funding (Last Dollar Grant & may be eligible for Summer/Winter tuition and transportation for Study Abroad)
  2. Structured On-Campus Support
  3. Mentorship
  4. Parent Support Group
  5. Leadership/Community Service
  6. Special CollegeBound Workshops & Events
  7. Follow-Up Campus Visits by CollegeBound Staff