College Advising

The Student Centered College Access Program

CollegeBound’s school-based program is an open door endeavor that ensures access to college information and advising for all students in every high school.  We encourage and solicit walk-in students who want to learn about going to college. CollegeBound Specialists are available to all students, all the time. This is the Foundation’s policy and ethic. CollegeBound structures and presents its program at every school using a standard format but creatively tailors its services to meet the needs and unique character of each high school. There is a uniform curriculum as well as processes that all Specialists adhere to. 

The College Access Program looks like this at every school:

School-wide Group/Classroom Presentations are provided to hundreds of students in grades 9 through 12 each year.  This keeps the information flowing and many students must hear the message repeatedly before they are ready to accept one-on-one advising. CollegeBound’s school-based college fairs are also an important source of information and a hands-on experience that often motivates a student into action. The group/classroom presentations are structured on the 13 module college access curriculum that CollegeBound designed for use within the Baltimore City Public School System. This curriculum has given to many other external school-based partners in support of their program efforts.

One-On-One College Access Advising is the core of CollegeBound’s program at each high school is available to all students at any time who want to inquire about college. Many  students seek advice only once or twice while others become regular visitors to the college center. Some students only seek financial aid advising once they have chosen a college to attend while others use most of our resources on their own time-table rather than the one we recommend. It is not unusual for some of these students to ask for our assistance at the eleventh hour though we repeatedly reach out to them to use our college advising resources. Many students begin the relationship with a CollegeBound Specialist as a sophomore and stay the course through graduation. Others become engaged in response to in-school college access activities and the relationship developed after meeting the CollegeBound Specialist. One of the effective strategies employed by Specialists is analyzing the college potential (GPA and SAT data) for every student and then seeking out students who meet minimum college requirements.