Travis Windsor

College Access Program Specialist

Travis is a St. Mary’s County native who joined CollegeBound Foundation in 2019. He is a graduate of Towson University where he was a member of several organizations including The Student Civility Board and the Undergraduate Learning Assistants. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Sociology.

  1. 5 People, dead or alive, I would invite to dinner:
    1. “Weird” Al Yankovic
    2. Mick Foley
    3. Abraham Lincoln
    4. Mr. Rodgers
    5. Dwayne Johnson
  2. Particular Quote:
    1. “I’m still a geek on the inside, that’s the important thing.” – “Weird” Al Yankovic
  3. If I were in the military, what would I do?
    1. I would do my best to recreate the antics of B.J Hunnicutt and Benjamin Franklin “Hawkeye” Pierce from M.A.S.H
  4. Favorite T.V or Movie Bad Guy
    1. Dr. Drank-N-Furter
  5. If I were in the circus, what would I do?
    1. Work with the elephants