Justin Sye

College Access Program Specialist

Justin Sye, a Baltimore County native is a recent graduate of Hampton University where he has returned home and joined the College Bound team. As a graduate from Western School of Technology, Justin sees the potential in increasing post-secondary education rates for students in Baltimore City. While in college, he served on many different organizations while at Hampton; Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., Student Leadership Programs, and Men’s Caucus which was a part of Student government. Now in his position, he is focused on educating students on the importance of getting a post-secondary education and strengthening the youth mentally for the future. Justin is dedicated to making an impact on the lives of those students that he works with and making a difference.

Best vacation you ever took…
- Los Angeles, CA 2019

Most memorable thing you learned in college…
- Don’t feed into distractions, they will get you off course. Stay focused but also have fun.

Early Bird or Night Owl?
- Night Owl, I do not like getting up early.

Biggest Goal in Life…
- To be successful in what comes my way and to make a difference in someone’s life.

Perfect Day off.
- Waking up about 11:30am or 12 and relaxing. Maybe get some food or hang with friends but I’m also okay with being at home and resting.

Favorite Bad Guy in a Movie or TV Show?
- Joker